Aspergo Bordeaux Goblet


Three wine glasses, a champagne glass, a tumbler and a beer goblet make up the series, which means “drop” in Latin. However, this does not just mean the drop in the glass, rather this idea was inspired by the architecture of the RITZENHOFF showroom, which is reminiscent of a drop of liquid glass in its design language. A wonderful connection on the subject of wine and drinks.

The large and long head of the Ritzenhoff Aspergo Bordeaux glass releases a variety of aromas. For heavy, barrel-aged or tannic red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, San Giovese, Nebbiolo, Carbernet Franc, Shiraz or Zinfandel.


  • Noble Bordeaux glass
  • Perfect for heavy, barrel-aged or tannic red wines
  • Practical set of 6
  • Delivery takes place in a cardboard box
  • Ritzenhoff brand quality – Made in Germany
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  • height 24.00 cm
  • length 9.30 cm
  • width 9.30 cm
  • diameter 9.30 cm
  • Max. Filling volume in 609 ml




What makes Ritzenhoff glassware so unique? The designs of selected international artists who make every Ritzenhoff product an unforgettable original. Quality glassware created  for collecting, giving, sharing and falling in love. Own them all!

Additional information

Weight 609 kg
Dimensions 9.30 × 9.30 × 24 cm

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